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Accelerated Accounting: Summer School

Summer is here! Plan your holidays, pack your bags, hit the beach, jump on planes, summer school, skydiving ………. Here is another interesting offer if understanding accounting will in any way add value to your lives, careers or minds. 

We at accountingtutor.org are offering accelerated accounting summer packages.  At our accounting summer schools you can develop a personalized accounting boot camp that will help you get ahead in accounting whatever your level of understanding is today. You can work on a customized plan to master accounting over this summer given your individual needs.

Whatever your schedule, (day or night, weekday or weekend, a month or two months, …), whatever your need (work, new career, MBA school, CFA, …….), whatever your interest (financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, introductory accounting, advanced accounting, ……) we will work out a plan that is tailored to your needs so you will be able to get on top of accounting this summer. The best part is you can attend our summer school right from whereever you are.

Let the summer of 2011 propel you forward with a solid understanding of accounting.  Call us or email us now for more information on our accelerated accounting summer school.

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