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Learn Accounting

There are a number of ways to learn accounting. You can learn accounting from an accounting text book, you can learn accounting with a local university, you can learn accounting online, you can learn accounting from a video, you can learn accounting with a private tutor or you can learn accounting from a friend. (have I missed out anything? 🙂

While you can learn accounting in a number of ways, not all ways are equally effective and efficient. What works for each individual depends on a number of factors ranging from his/her learning style, access to resources, time available, location, the need to understanding accounting, etc.

For example, if you are learning accounting to get a job, it may not be sufficient to learn accounting from a friend! You will need to show proof of your skill usually with a degree! It may not be sufficient to learn from a text book because you do not get the practical aspects of accounting or an introduction to the accounting software that most companies use. If you are trying to understand accounting for work, a textbook may take you too long and cover topics not really required for you.

Our bet is that what ever your need to learning accounting is, private tutoring is the most effective way to learn accounting. One of our accounting tutors will be able to assist you.  Give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to help.