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IIA: Institute of Internal Auditors is the national association

IIA stands for Institute of Internal Auditors is the national association. It is a national association consisting of accountants. These accountants are those who are engaged in internal auditing and are employed by business firms

The mission of The Institute of Internal Auditors is to provide dynamic leadership for the global profession of internal auditing. Activities in support of this mission will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Advocating and promoting the value that internal audit professionals add to their organizations;
  • Providing comprehensive professional educational and development opportunities; standards and other professional practice guidance; and certification programs;
  • Researching, disseminating, and promoting to practitioners and stakeholders knowledge concerning internal auditing and its appropriate role in control, risk management, and governance;
  • Educating practitioners and other relevant audiences on best practices in internal auditing; and
  • Bringing together internal auditors from all countries to share information and experiences.

IIA conducts and evaluates a comprehensive professional examination which on passing certifies the accountant as a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor)

IIA was founded in 1941 and the global headquarters is in Altamonte Springs, USA

Further details on IIA can be obtained by clicking on the following link: http://www.theiia.org/theiia/about-the-institute/

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